Monday, August 7, 2023

Nathan Harrington, don't forget your lunch!

Are you Nathan Harrington? Do you know Nathan Harrington? We sold his vintage King Kong lunchbox at Fan Expo Boston this past weekend. It would be so fun to find him and let him know how excited people were to see his old lunchbox! 

Barbara Friedlander Fan Expo Boston 2023

Ms. Friedlander was absolutely delightful to meet! She told me about uncredited artists on 2 romance comics that I had and learning about a female writer and editor for DC back in the 1960s was so fun! I will look for her work when I scout comic shops in the future. She was so nice, I wish I could have talked with her all day! 

Amazing, beautiful and delightful cosplay from Fan Expo Boston 2023

Monday, March 28, 2022

My Little Pony thrift shop finds: The Tail End

 Lacy came over to my house today to work on Grrl Pickers stuff and she told me that she had made a classic "rookie mistake" while picking for the shops and she showed me the items she had bought. 

   Probably much like her, I did not see the issue right away, these used ponies are very collectible and it looked like a great score. 

   Then I looked closer, 

     Me: "Why do they have anuses?" 


Lacy: "They are PONIES! They are supposed to have tails! The tails are missing!" 

They are still super cute and although perhaps have less resale value without their tails, we figured they could still be resold for a small profit to a parent of a kid who might not notice the tails are missing and just likes playing with ponies. 

My husband Michael overhead our conversation at the kitchen table and decided to help "fix" the missing tails:

Although I believe them to be much improved by his creative "upgrade". I doubt our target customers (parents of toy aged children) will be so these will go into the shop 'as is'. 

 While we were discussing what do do, Lacy had a brilliant idea that we think will make a rainbow from the rain of this mis-pick. We are going to make an "Island of Misfit Toys" bargain box to put in our space at Under The Bed Collectibles (Formerly Upscale Resale Gallery) at 386 Lindelof Ave, Stoughton, MA 02072. 

    We plan to donate the profits from the misfit box to a local children's charity, Lacy is working on finding just the right one and we are so excited that as disappointing as these were at first, she has found a way to do something awesome with them. (cocktail umbrellas not included LOL!). 

    Ye haw!

   (We will update this post as soon as we fill, set up the box in the shop and decide on a charity)






Thursday, March 10, 2022

Hit Parader July - Aug 1961

 We found this vintage magazine while out shopping this past weekend. Lacy and I laughed at how times sure changed from the time this was published until the time when we were reading Hit Parader in the 1980's.


By the time the 1980's came around, it was another Everly family member whose name wound up in the music magazines. Erin Everly was Axl Rose's girlfriend and later, wife when Lacy and I were reading Hit Parader. 

                                               Hit Parader in the 1980's was definitely written with a male reader in mind. There NEVER would have been an ad for feminine hygiene products in later versions of the magazine!


Thursday, November 26, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving!

 This year we are having a quiet socially distanced Thanksgiving but I am also digging through old slides of both my family and my husband's family. 

   My aunt and uncle sent me a check for my 50th birthday this year which was so sweet and unexpected that I knew I had to buy something very special with the gift. I had wanted a device to make slides into computer photos for a while and this year on my birthday, it seemed the perfect time to get the gift I never had the extra funds to get for myself. 

   I am absolutely beside myself that this year above all, the whole family can share in my gift to me. 

   Lacy and I sincerely hope you all are having a peaceful Thanksgiving this year and looking forward to the celebrations that will be had when it is safe for us all to gather together once more. 

    This is a vintage photo of one of Laura's husband's family members enjoying the traditional feast of the day. 

    May all of you have a great day today remembering good times past and looking forward with anticipation for the good times that will fill our future!

        Happy Thanksgiving everyone!