Thursday, January 17, 2013

Custom Packed Confetti Hearts - New Twist on Upcycled Idea

We can't take credit for the idea of upcycling vintage sheet music in this manner but we are quite excited that we have thought to add custom stamped packaging to our product.

   Grrl Pickers handpunched heart shaped confetti eBay listing:

     Upcycled Vintage Sheet Music Confetti Hearts

    We just posted this item today so we aren't 100% sure custom packaging is going to be successful idea, but we are pleased that we added something a little outside the box to this product idea.
     Maybe someone else will see this idea and be inspired to add another custom twist to thier own product.

     Maybe we will sell 100's of these and be able to retire our day jobs and just punch fun confetti all day, who knows what the future will bring!



Monday, January 14, 2013

sbettyboutique on eBay

Looks like the merchant gene runs in the family!

    This is my sister's ebay page:


              She's got over 800 DVD's up for sale right now at great prices, I can't wait to watch how her shop grows!

                      Best wishes Sbetty!
                                : )