Saturday, August 9, 2014

New Bedford Antiques at Wamsutta Place

Grrl Picker Laura got lost yesterday while picking in New Bedford and happened by accident into the happiest place on earth for our kind of picking!


Is this a supposed to be a clown or perhaps a guy who tried out for KISS but couldn't get his make up right?

(I love the way his shoulders seem a little high up, as if he is taking a painted portrait "selfie".)

   Truely incredible bad clown art that would have come home with me if the way his lips are puckered didn't kind of creep me out...

There was a booth of incredible vintage bicycles, this on was my favorite as is reminded me of my friend Young Adult Writer, Stacey Toon.

3 foot tall metal rooster.

   He was very statuesque but I felt he could have probably used a more bold and colorful paint job if he were to attract a mate:

After spotting the rooster, I noticed an elephant of similar size and girth and moments later rounded the corner to a whole metal forest menagerie. (Unfortunately, the group picture came out all blurry but I think these 2 recycled metal creatures sum up the craftsman ship involved)

"Thaaaaaa   Siiimmppssssonnnnnsssss... do-dit-do-do-do, da-doo-dit-da-doooo"

    For 3K this authentic theater prop could be your family!

There were sooooo many incredible things to see at this place and I only explored about 1/3 of it before leaving with my arms (and the arms of the very nice man who helped me to my car) FULL of great finds.

  A lot of places we pick are either HIGH end or LOW end but this place had a wide range of prices and a million dreamy one of kind things to see!

    I can't wait to go back with Lacy Berman and any other friends who want to go, preferably friends with a van...  : )



Sunday, February 2, 2014

F.W. Woolworth Co. price sticker

This 78rpm record was interesting enough but on closer inspection I found the price sticker to be the most fascinating part of the vintage item:
I remember buying K-Tel albums at my local Woolworth's but the days when Woolworth stocked 78's? That was well before my time. I find it really interesting tho to run across these little snippets of evidence of times gone by. When I was growing up there was a Woolworth in almost every shopping center, it was unimaginable that they would someday be completely gone. I wonder if 50-60 some odd years from now someone will be looking at a Wal Mart sticker on a vintage item and asking, "Remember when those used to be everywhere?"