Sunday, August 11, 2013

Your Lucky Day Thrift Shop - Sunday Flea Market Stoughton, MA

   I am headed over to Your Lucky Day thrift Shop in Stoughton, MA to participate in their Sunday  Flea Market.

   Looking forward to a new venue and the fact that this particular flea market is indoors, I've had enough flea market sunburn this season to last me a lifetime!

     If you are in the neighborhood today, stop on by!

      If not today, stop by some other time, or go ahead and "like" thier facebook page.

    There is always something new and fun at Your Lucky Day thrift shop!

Your Lucky Day Thrift Shop Facebook Page

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Have a very vintage summer!

Only a few short weeks of summer left, enjoy the time left in vintage style!

(Clara Bow and her dog, Duke)   

Dog Days of Summer (vintage postcards featuring dogs)

A few cute vintage postcards featuring dogs:

And Grrl Picker Laura's resident live in beastie, "Chewie". He is not a postcard but he's cute enough to be featured anyways...