Sunday, September 30, 2012

Vintage Boston Postcards

Vintage Boston postcards found this past weekend while flea marketing in lower NH:  

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The mysterious glamour of cheap women found hanging around The Grafton Flea Market

We haven't a clue as to whom these fine beauties are. But for the low, low price of only one dollar each, we simply could not leave them to be pawed by every "Tom, Dick and Harry" that came along last Sunday at The Grafton Flea Market.


    The bottom one signed by "Princess Pat" I thought might be a little hard to find as that is most likely not the given name a woman of adult age in 1947 was likely to be born with.

 (These days, who knows? There are probably a dozen or so Princess's in my town alone. But I digress...)

The top one I didn't expect to be so hard to find out more about but had no luck at all searching "Clancy Kelly", "Clancy Keily" or even "Bernard Baker".
Whoever she was (is?) I guess will remain a secret between her and Bernard, I'm stumped...

     Not knowing who they are could make these glossy 8x10's hard to resell but we might wind up posting them on Etsy.  (We've sold other vintage photos of folks with out any names at all on Etsy, it seems as good a place as any, and a better place than the dollar table at the flea market, to find these two a good home...)

    I'm not sure I want to sell them just yet tho,
       it's my thoughts that when Grrl Pickers eventually opens up a brick and mortar location,
         we could build a collection of these that would look awesome on the wall.
   Class up our (so far imaginary) joint and all that jazz...
    Besides, I'm getting more and more attached every time I look at them.

     I've already started calling them "Mary Ann" and "Ginger" and now that they have real names, I can see myself having trouble actually parting with them.

The surprising glamour of cheap women found at the flea market, what's not to love about a day spent picking through the bargin table?

                            : )


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

HUGE yard sale this Saturday September 22, located on Bowker St. Brookline, MA

   For folks in the Boston area,
         this is event is going to be the CAN'T MISS yard sale of the season!
    8 families are participating and we know these folks have great taste. Considering the beautiful homes these gently used and vintage items are coming from, we have no doubt that this  yard sale is going to be JAM PACKED with all kinds of great and wonderful finds.

   The yard sale / block sale will be from 9am until 1pm on Bowker Street in Brookine, MA 02446.

(Bowker Street is located off of Kent street and is accesible by public transportation, it's just a short block or 2 away from the Brookline Village Green Line T stop.)

 Bowker is not a long street and the sale will be very visable and easy to find once you are on the street, small park on the corner of Bowker and Kent is a great place for young kids to play after you shop the sale! A fun Saturday morning out for the whole family!

  We have been informed that items for sale will include:

       Victorian lamp parts and other brass and iron "goodies" great for steampunk creations
       A vintage wicker rocking chair
       Breuer chairs  and classic Harvard chairs
       Cuisinart food processor
       LOTS of books  

           And much, much more!

    If you only make it to one more yard sale this season, make this the one, it's sure to have something great for everyone!

      Also, you can have a fun after sale adventure by taking a look at the vintage and antique images (link below) of the Brookline Village area and see how the buildings have changed over the years:
     The Brookline Historical Society Archive Images of Brookline Village

      Grrl Pickers spent a lot of thier grrlhood in Brookline and are always delighted to go back and revisit our old neighborhoods to see how things have changed.

          Hope to see you at the yard sale, it's looking like Saturday is going to be the good weather day for the weekend and it will be a really great time!  

                    Happy 'Yard-Sailing'!

                                       -Laura and Lacy

                                          : )     : )  


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Large Multi-Family Condo Complex Yard Sale This Weekend (9/15)

We met a lovely woman at the Grafton flea a short while back and she informed us that her condo complex would be holding a large yard sale this coming Saturday, Sept 15th.

  Since she purchaced a couple of great 78rpm records from us we can attest that her taste is awesome and we bet she'll have all kinds of great stuff for sale, as well as lot of neighbors with great stuff as well.

   Unfortunately, we have other plans this weekend and can't make it but that just means more great pickings for anyone who can.

  The yard sale is:  Saturday, Sept. 15, from 8:30am to 1:30pm. at The Laurelwood Condos,  Laurelwood Drive, Hopedale, MA

    It looks like it's going to be a great weekend for yard sale-ing and Grrl Pickers wish The Laurelwood Condos great success with their sale!

              Have a great weekend, happy picking!

                         : )    : )


Sunday, September 9, 2012

I can't believe it's not Kathie Lee!

Fun find of the day:

  Going through old copies of Sports Illustrated looking for which articles I should mention when listing them for sale on eBay I found this little retro nugget.

    It's interesting that in 1981, Mrs. Frank Gifford doesn't merit getting her own name printed in an ad that she clearly is the "star" of, and now in 2012, we are all way more familiar with the first name of Frank Gifford's current wife than his.

Frank can't believe it's not butter?
 Grrl Pickers can't believe it's not Kathie Lee.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Scenes from the flea markets (Grafton, MA and Avon, MA)

Past couple of weekends in a photographic nutshell:

Setting up:

Lizard man at Grafton: When we mentioned that we had seen him the week prior as well, Lizard Man replied, "Well, we like to make sure he gets out a bit..."
A man not only concious of his pets physical health but mental health as well, gotta love him.   

Lacy surveys the kingdom at Avon Baptist Church Flea:  

Much thanks to Katya for stopping by and making sure we have at least one picture with the both of us in it:

And one more just in case on of us doesn't like the first one, (K knows us well):

Crack of dawn at Grafton, we had already been there an hour fending off early birds with our "lack of flashlights" super powers:

Moments later, same place with different setting on the camera. Pollen by the bucketloads raining down on us all day? Yep.
Flea marketing, it's not for the weak of sinus...

Later in the day, same spot starts to get rockin':

Grafton flea in full mid day gear:

Perhaps Lacy will for give me for posting this picture of her with a silly look on her face as her hair looks so spiffy in it, perhaps....

Made great use of the case gifted to us by the awesome Donna Berquist:

 Grafton, MA. Later in the afternoon as things started to wind down, can't say there isn't a lot of beauty to be found where the rustiest of junk presides....

Messing about apres flea int he Grrl Picker office, AKA Laura's basement:

Taking our act on the road:

Would we sell more if we did it all on skates? 
We have all winter to practice and test that theroy out next spring!  

Pick tip of the week: Knight Rider Kenner Toy Car

Not sure what is attracting bidders to this item, is it the car or the David Hasslehoff action figure?
    They certainly are bidding on it in droves tho, 24 bids and it's up past 50 bucks. I would not have guessed that such a silly thing from a quite forgetable TV show would still be so in demand with eBay buyers.

     But then I was the first (and only) person in line at my local video store the day that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie came out on VHS so who am I to scoff at someone elses desire for a downright silly thing?

     Grrl Picker tip if the day is to keep an eye out in your parents basement and at those yard sales and for Knight Rider stuff (aspecially by Kenner), there seems to be quite the demand for it: 

Knight Rider KITT car toy with action figure

   Who woulda thunk?!?