Friday, September 7, 2012

Scenes from the flea markets (Grafton, MA and Avon, MA)

Past couple of weekends in a photographic nutshell:

Setting up:

Lizard man at Grafton: When we mentioned that we had seen him the week prior as well, Lizard Man replied, "Well, we like to make sure he gets out a bit..."
A man not only concious of his pets physical health but mental health as well, gotta love him.   

Lacy surveys the kingdom at Avon Baptist Church Flea:  

Much thanks to Katya for stopping by and making sure we have at least one picture with the both of us in it:

And one more just in case on of us doesn't like the first one, (K knows us well):

Crack of dawn at Grafton, we had already been there an hour fending off early birds with our "lack of flashlights" super powers:

Moments later, same place with different setting on the camera. Pollen by the bucketloads raining down on us all day? Yep.
Flea marketing, it's not for the weak of sinus...

Later in the day, same spot starts to get rockin':

Grafton flea in full mid day gear:

Perhaps Lacy will for give me for posting this picture of her with a silly look on her face as her hair looks so spiffy in it, perhaps....

Made great use of the case gifted to us by the awesome Donna Berquist:

 Grafton, MA. Later in the afternoon as things started to wind down, can't say there isn't a lot of beauty to be found where the rustiest of junk presides....

Messing about apres flea int he Grrl Picker office, AKA Laura's basement:

Taking our act on the road:

Would we sell more if we did it all on skates? 
We have all winter to practice and test that theroy out next spring!  

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