Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The mysterious glamour of cheap women found hanging around The Grafton Flea Market

We haven't a clue as to whom these fine beauties are. But for the low, low price of only one dollar each, we simply could not leave them to be pawed by every "Tom, Dick and Harry" that came along last Sunday at The Grafton Flea Market.


    The bottom one signed by "Princess Pat" I thought might be a little hard to find as that is most likely not the given name a woman of adult age in 1947 was likely to be born with.

 (These days, who knows? There are probably a dozen or so Princess's in my town alone. But I digress...)

The top one I didn't expect to be so hard to find out more about but had no luck at all searching "Clancy Kelly", "Clancy Keily" or even "Bernard Baker".
Whoever she was (is?) I guess will remain a secret between her and Bernard, I'm stumped...

     Not knowing who they are could make these glossy 8x10's hard to resell but we might wind up posting them on Etsy.  (We've sold other vintage photos of folks with out any names at all on Etsy, it seems as good a place as any, and a better place than the dollar table at the flea market, to find these two a good home...)

    I'm not sure I want to sell them just yet tho,
       it's my thoughts that when Grrl Pickers eventually opens up a brick and mortar location,
         we could build a collection of these that would look awesome on the wall.
   Class up our (so far imaginary) joint and all that jazz...
    Besides, I'm getting more and more attached every time I look at them.

     I've already started calling them "Mary Ann" and "Ginger" and now that they have real names, I can see myself having trouble actually parting with them.

The surprising glamour of cheap women found at the flea market, what's not to love about a day spent picking through the bargin table?

                            : )


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