Wednesday, March 21, 2012


 Every now and then my partner Lacy and I try to come up with a catchy slogan for Grrl Pickers that can be used on T-shirts, bumper stickers, direct mail postcards etc.

     We haven't come up with a really good, catchy slogan yet but the one thing know for sure is the word 'Re-Treasuring' must be used, we are both absolutely in love with this word.

    This is a link to another etsy seller who is taking her selling outside the box and instead of selling finished products, she is selling the authetic vintage supplies so others can create their own re-treasured masterpieces:     

  SaturdayAMvintage Etsy Shop

   (I checked out this shops feedback and she has sold large amounts of scraps of stuff to some very pleased buyers. Her idea of selling old scraps seems to be supported by a sound base of consumer demand.)

     In our ever growing Grrl Pickers inventory we have tons of old stamps, game pieces, puzzle pieces, and vintage books that are falling apart. I figure it is best to move what items we can rather than wait for either Lacy or I to have the spare time (I have 2 day jobs and Lacy has a toddler, spare time? What is that?!?) to create our own masterpieces.

    I want to make this blog the sort of place that other sellers come to for great ideas and this is the best one I've seen lately, so I sincerely hope it is useful information to others as well.   

   I can't wait to get started selling our scrap items in lots to crafty crafters!