Monday, August 13, 2012

Reflections Antique Empourium Cohasset, MA

We have driven by this place a million times on our way to the beach and it never seems to be open when we are in the area but it always looks like it's a thriving business, it never looked like it was out of business, just kind of semi-permanently closed.

As the building is so intriguing, we were determined that as soon as we saw it open we would stop immediately and check it out. We got our chance this past weekend and were not disappointed. 

Reflections Antique Emporium is an absolutely magical cornucopia of vintage wonderment. It's the sort of place that you would imagine (or would like to imagine) that everything comes alive at night to dance and frolic with each other as soon as the proprietress locks up for the night.      


The eclectic arrangements on the shelves both out front and tucked into alcoves of the building are wildly imaginative and encourage browsers to not only take one thing home, but to take many as it's almost painful to consider breaking up such fascinating tableau.   

Old, new and crafty combinations of the two meet all over the shop. 

The shop comprises both floors in what was for sure once a single family dwelling, and something for the whole family can be found throughout. Toys, clothes, books, games, jewelry, housewares, ephemera, there is nothing that was ever manufactured for consumer trade that is not somehow, somewhere represented in this magical shop.   

 At first glance it seems kind of crazy crowded and I was afraid to wander too far or look to close for fear of not being able to find my way out and/or breaking something expensive but a lot of thinking went into the set up as each small room propels you into the next with the joyous glee of discovery.     

Don't miss the upstairs!

Not just an antiques emporium but a showcase for upcycling artisans as well:

It's hard to miss the elephant in the yard. Elegant whimsy meet brilliant marketing in such a way that you can't tell you've been sucked it til you are already there, on a buzy main road posing next to a disinterested elephant...  

Someday, I hope Grrl Pickers has a bricks and mortar shop even half as lovely as this one.

A fun place to browse with an absolutely top notch inventory. Prices are reasonable for the great items if one were looking for a gift or to add to a personal collection but it's not the best picking location as the items contained within are priced at their fair market value. 
But it is right next to the beach so even if you head out there and can't make a great score, there's always going to pick some great shells off the beach to make sure you don't go home empty handed. 

Grrl Pickers highly recommends a visit to Reflections Antique Emporium to anyone who may be in or passing through the Nantasket beach area (located at 808 Jerusalem Rd, Cohasset, MA tel: 781-383-6465, call first if you are headed there from a distance, the hours are a bit erratic and they are frequently closed. Probably out getting more great stuff for the shop!)  

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