Wednesday, March 13, 2013

National Handcraft - Head 'N Shoulders Ring

The back of this card reads:

"Head 'N Shoulders Ring - Most versitile accessory ever invented. This glamorous head or neck piece of glistening white fabric may be worn many ways. A style sensation when trimmed with imported iridescent beads, crystal drops, and custom made braid. Head 'N Shoulders kit also available in Colorado Blue."

Sounds pretty exciting but perhaps this 'Most Versitile Accessory' might have been more of a hit if it did not closely resemble and old time maxi pad wrapped (belt and all) around the head and/or neck....

    We sell a lot of vintage postcards tho I can't see much of a demand for this one, I bought it anyway because the expressions on the models face (as if she is wearing fine jewelry instead of sanitary products about her head and face) just cracks me up to no end...


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