Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Business as usual...

My day has been absolutely made by an order for trading cards that charmed me to no end. Part of the address included, "Honeypot Business Center" and all I could think was "Like where Winnie the Pooh would work?!?" I seriously want to stick Winnie the Pooh stickers all over this envelope but what if it's a serious business building? It could be.. I would hate to lose a potential repeat customer for sticking silly stickers on an envelope headed for "The Honeypot Business Center" if it's actually a Fortune 500 international banking hub and I'm just too daft to know anything about it. "Honeypot" could also be an adult business center, specializing in "mature" business for "adults only" and I think that would be even more awful if an envelope covered in Winnie the Pooh stickers showed up at the office. So, Boring as it is, the cards will be sent in a plain white envelope and I will just have to keep to myself the charming thought that perhaps, just perhaps, Grrl Pickers can now count inhabitants of the 100 acre wood as customers.... : )

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