Thursday, November 26, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving!

 This year we are having a quiet socially distanced Thanksgiving but I am also digging through old slides of both my family and my husband's family. 

   My aunt and uncle sent me a check for my 50th birthday this year which was so sweet and unexpected that I knew I had to buy something very special with the gift. I had wanted a device to make slides into computer photos for a while and this year on my birthday, it seemed the perfect time to get the gift I never had the extra funds to get for myself. 

   I am absolutely beside myself that this year above all, the whole family can share in my gift to me. 

   Lacy and I sincerely hope you all are having a peaceful Thanksgiving this year and looking forward to the celebrations that will be had when it is safe for us all to gather together once more. 

    This is a vintage photo of one of Laura's husband's family members enjoying the traditional feast of the day. 

    May all of you have a great day today remembering good times past and looking forward with anticipation for the good times that will fill our future!

        Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 



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