Saturday, October 27, 2012

Far beyond twitterpated...

We finally got on the bandwagon this week and joined Twitter.

    Not really sure how it offers anything different from Facebook but it has been fun looking up interesting folks and seeing what they are twittering about. I guess it's kind of like Facebook "lite", you get the info but don't have to scrawl though a million cute cat/puppy photos to get it. 

    So far, we like it but it remains to be seen how useful it's actually going to be for us.
        (or just yet another distraction that keeps us from posting new items in our shops and doing more productive things, like the dishes perhaps...)


      Twitter did offer us one GIANT thrill the first morning after we set up the account.
We had randomly followed a handful of people we find interesting and then logged off for the night,  the next morning was like Halloween Eve and Christmas Morning all rolled into one to find we had one follower, it wasn't our parents or even a close friend,

 it was freakin' CLIVE BARKER!

      ("CLIVE freakin' BARKER"?, Just where do the rules of writing say the 'freakin' should go in a proper sentence? I'm not sure...) 

        we didn't just fall off the turnip truck and we know that Mr. Barker is most likely hard at work on a new novel, painting, film, canoodling his squeeze or petting his dogs.
     The man himself likely has very little time left in his fascinating life to wonder what a couple of strangers halfway across the world are up to in their little basement running a vintage resale business.
    It is highly more probable that his agency is behind the Twitter account and we were actually followed by a junior level assistant who was too tired to realize they we're clicking on our account to follow (we were officially followed by his account at about 3am Eastern time).
    No matter to us, as many who have done business with us can attest, we're not proud and our official motto should actually be,
     "We'll take it!"   

        We are still completely stoked to be able to say with all honesty,

                  "Clive Barker was our first Twitter follower!"

    If absolutely nothing else comes from this Twitter thing, that all by itself made the small effort of starting the account totally worthwhile.

       We are genuinely twitterpated over this development and could ride this high at least another week or 2 if not for the rest of our (well, at least Laura's...) lives.

             Good times, good times...


PS. Also of intrest, blogger spell check dictionary has no record of the word "Twitterpated", they really should update thier dictionary. I mean, Bambi was relased in like 1930 or something, get with the program spell check...   : )

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