Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tip of the Day - Fancy Schmancy Tape

While wrapping a package just moments ago I stumbled on a solution to a problem that has been daunting me ever since I started selling on line and mailing out packages on an almost daily basis.

Namely, the horror that is cheap tape.

   I love fancy brand tape, it's thicker, it sticks better, it doesn't tear into skinny little strips that make the whole rest of the roll 'not quite right', it's just all around awesome-tastic in every aspect except one.
    That is,
       it costs nearly 3 times (and sometimes more than 3 times) the price of cheap dollar store/job lot tape.

    Til today I have had an arsonal of tape for every occasion hanging on my tape rack,
   (old coat rack nailed to the wall next to my desk but that's a tip for another post...)
    but now,
    I have discovered that it is not actually the fancy schmancy tape that I have coveted for special use through the years, it is actually the fancy schmancy dispenser that has been my faithful friend!

    I still love the plaid brand tape, it does actually rock like no other for larger packages more loaded with fancy things but for basic shipping needs, taking the dollar store tape and sticking it in the old used up fancy dispenser works perfectly!

   I don't need thick tape to make sure an address label stays put or to tape down that metal latch on a large envelope doesn't cause my package to get torn to shreds by some automated mail sorter at the post office, cheap thin tape works just fine for that purpose if I only could get it to stop shredding into strips of odd widths and just come off the roll smoothly...

   Tah dah!

       Fancy tape holder refilled with dollar store tape!

   Note the cheap tape sticking up jauntily ready for use and not sticking to the wrong side of itself!

   Yep, me and my brain are feelin' pretty groovy right about now...  


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