Monday, November 26, 2012

Boston, Dear Old Boston - Fenway Choralites

My great aunt worked for The Boston Music Company for years and I found this record in her attic when she passed away. It seemed interesting so I held onto it but life being as it is, other things captured my attention and this record was largely forgotten in my collection for the past few years.   

Grrl Pickers recently stumbled on a really great Facebook page called "Dirty Old Boston" and I scanned these images to share on thier page. Another fan of the Dirty Old Boston facebook page  mentioned that she had seen a listing on eBay that was offering this record for $1,000, that got my attention real good and I took the time today to look into the details of this unusual little record. 


I stopped by Bay State Coin on Bromfield Street in Boston because I know they sell a lot of local sports stuff, they made me a small token offer but couldn't tell me more about the record and without knowing more I was hestitant to sell it. What if it really was worth hundreds of dollars? I had to know more...

On my way home tonight I stopped by my local 'record heads'  at The Randolph Music Center (North Main Street, Randolph, MA) and even tho they were unfamiliar with this specific recording, they were LOADED with all kinds of super information about where it may have come from. 
  I will be researching this record further based on the great info I got at Randolph Music Center but the bottom line is, 

as neat as this record may look on the surface, 

  it has absolutely nothing to do with The Red Sox and/or Fenway Park. 

Thus far, it seems that this record was locally produced by someone who made a bunch of these sorts of recordings for political campagins etc. and is worth approx 20 bucks, tops. 

 I can't complain having gotten the record for free, (I paid about 12 bucks for the sheet music on eBay about 2 years ago but with my Great Aunt's connection to The Boston Music Company, it was worth that to me and probably worth a lot less to others) and as much as I don't want to hurt a fellow eBay seller, I feel real sorry for anyone who pays anything more than two bits or so for the copy that's being offered currently on eBay. 

I'm disapointed to not be striking it rich with this one but we already knew eBay is a buyer beware enterprise and the information gathered today will help us be better pickers/buyers/sellers in the future and anything that helps us do that, is priceless to us and hopefully to others as well.         

  My camera ran out of memory so this is just a snippet of the song but as far as I know it's the only audio of it available online: 


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