Monday, November 12, 2012

Tip of the Day - Reselling Reigonal Free Magazines

Grrl Pickers just sold a recent copy of The Phoenix magazine for five dollars on eBay. 

   The Phoenix glossy magazine is a new rehash of the old Boston Phoenix newspaper, both versions of the publication are/were available free in large quantities all over Boston. 

   Perhaps 5 bucks in profit isn't anything to write home about but the fact that we picked up a recent issue for free and sold it in just a few weeks to a buyer 6 states away, we're pretty excited.

    The issue that we sold had a Mitt Romney cover story and an inner story on cult photographer Bunny Yaeger so we suspected that with big names like that it would be of intrest to someone and are glad to find that we were right.

    Issues of The Phoenix magazine are so plentiful around Boston that back issues have no real local worth but through the magic of eBay, we have found that items we can get free on any local street corner have the potential to sell for 100% profit to folks located elsewhere.

     Every major city has it's own slew of local free publications and depending on the poularity of the subjects of published stories, Grrl Pickers are willing to bet that just about anyone can profit from the free publications available in their area.

         100% profit works for us, hope this is a helpful tip for others as well.

                          : )    : )

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